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Joe Vigil Joe Vigil - Multimedia/Motion Graphics Specialist for the Western Publication Group. Brief History: U.S. Air Force (Honorable Discharge), City College of San Francisco (Advertising Art & Design), San Francisco State University (BA : Creative Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies), Computer Learning Center of San Francisco. With USGS from 1980 to present.Projects completed for the USGS include, The National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, The San Andreas Fault System-California, The Future of Energy Gases, Wrestling with Uncertainty, Perilous Beauty - The Hidden Dangers of Mount Rainier, Secrets in Stone, AT RISK: Volcano Hazards from Mount Hood, Oregon, crossection for The Dynamic Planet, and A Tapestry of Time and Terrain.
David Howell David G. Howell - Received B.A. from Colgate University and a Ph.D. from Univ. California, Santa Barbara. Since joining the Survey in 1974 his research has involved concepts for the growth and shaping of continents, world-wide distribution of oil and gas , societal impact of landslides and currently is organizing an international summit - "Crowding the Rim" - an alliance with the U.S. Geological Survey, the American Red Cross, Stanford University and the Circum Pacific Council. As a geologist he studies the composition, ages and processes that form the underpinnings of the Earth's surface, as an artist he strives to capture and record the beauty and essence of these same features.
Richard Pike Dick Pike - Works with GIS specialists to understand the Bay Region's slope-failure hazard through statistical relations among geology, topography, and landslides. He has contributed to such Team products as the 1997 El Nino Landslide Folio and the 1998 GSAToday article, and currently is supervising the compilation of a digital 10-county landslide database. Dick consults on all aspects of surface-form quantification and visualization, including DEM (digital elevation model) quality and shaded-relief mapping. He maintains a unique bibliography, now at 4300 entries, on terrain modeling. Earlier in his USGS career, Dick used spacecraft-image data to measure the Moon's surface roughness and study impact craters on the terrestrial planets.
Eleanore Jewel Eleanore Jewel - Eleanore was webmaster, designer, and author for this site, while an intern with the U.S. Geological Survey. She created web content for various projects, including the National Atlas. She received her undergraduate training in geology at Bowling Green State University, and has also completed some graduate-level geophysics studies. Eleanore has completed her internship with the U.S. Geological Survey; recent reports of sightings are from as far afield as Antarctica.
Naomi Kalman Naomi Kalman -
Education: B.S. - Geology - U. C. Davis - 1999
Project Research: Naomi is a former member of the Landslide Hazards Team. Under the direction of Richard Pike, she developed and edited geologic map databases in ARC/INFO, and performed miscellaneous tasks related to presentation and publication of data. She worked on a landslide inventory map of Contra Costa County for eventual release as a USGS Open-File report. She took a break from the GIS stuff to work on the Tapestry webpage. She has completed her internship.
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